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China’s growth is unstoppable, and so does the bus rapid transport (BRT) that will connectits cities in the future. It is a smart move that the city of Guangzhou is slowly laying down the backbone of its transportation network with BRT in mind. This can serve as a good example to China’s other burgeoning cities. As population in China’s cities increase, moving them within these cities becomes crucial. Will they be driving cars, cycling, or taking the train or BRT?

I’m curious how these cities actually made the transition from non-BRT to BRT system. What was previously the mode of transportation? Assuming there should only be one BRT operator, how does a city deal with many bus operators in a pre-BRT system? To what extent do car manufacturing lobby groups meddle with the transportation politics?¬† There are too many questions, and China seem to have the answers. I won’t be surprised if soon these buses will be running on hydrogen fuel.

From ClimateWire via The New York Times

Video via babes060675