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This early, Brazil is laying down the ground work to mobilise the World Cup crowd in 2014. A total of 12 cities will host the soccer matches. The transportation network will be one of the boosts for the many cities in Brazil.

I personally am interest in the effects of big sporting events to a city, such as the World Cup and the Olympics. Offhand, the physical changes are obvious, a stadium, an Olympic city, hotels, etc. are propped up in record speed. Usually the financial burden is huge, but the return of investment is supposed to be worth it. South Africa will be a city under scrutiny, now that the World Cup 2010 is over. The city vindicated itself for successfully holding the event, despite its many detractors. The city can complement and literally build up on its newer infrastructure in case it  wins an Olympic bid.

If you want more in-depth analysis on the topic, Nate Berg, specifically blogs about the cities and global sports events.


The NYT featured the HafenCity development in Hamburg. These are two of my favorite things, the former for its writing style and the latter for its ambitious urban development. They will get preferential treatment in this blog. And my playing favorites starts now. I forgive the article for taking light the issues plaguing the development, such as the ever-rising cost of the Elbphilharmonie opera house and construction of a tube line that will connect the quarters to the city center (instead to a more populous part of Hamburg). But then again, the article is written as a travelogue, which is most of the time indifferent to social issues.

Some tips the author missed out:

1) You can visit the Elbphilharmonie even if it is still under construction

2) Affordable coffee can be had at Campus Suite near the Elbphilharmonie (Am Kaiserkai 60-62)

3) If you are on a budget, eat your lunch at the Markt Halle (Am Sandtorkai 23/24). A rice and curry meal is about 7.50 Euros. Expensive? Welcome to Hamburg.

4) Yummy soups and salads at the Kesselhaus (am Sandtorkai 30). A miniature model of the HafenCity is also inside.

from The New York Times (including photo) via Planetizen