Stealing and outsourcing safety: a tale of two Californian cities

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Cities
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Two topics have been making the round of online urban news of late. Both involve public financing and public service in California.

First is the blatantly shameless news of the Mayor of Bell, who receives an annual salary of $800000. Even the US President Barack Obama earns much less than that. He was given the choice to resign or get fired, as if keeping the position would be a viable option. Bells will be ringing in the city of Bell once the mayor gets booted out.

The second concerns the outsourcing of public service in the the city of Maywood. Anarchy didn’t reign the city however. In fact, people are so far contented with signs of police effectiveness: a young guy is stopped by a police for carrying an over-stuffed bag and a resident is fined for illegal parking. Will this be an increasing trend in cash-strapped US cities? Coincidentally, Maywood will acquire the services of its neighboring city, Bell. No more kickbacks for Bell’s Mayor though.

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