Playing with gentrification, literally

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Gentrification
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Atmosphere industries is not making light of the gentrification issue when they made a game out of this urban phenomenon. Gentrification: The Game! follows a monopoly type of rules but played in a real neighborhood.

I have a few hang-ups with what determines the winner though, which is the amount of money that a team possesses by the end of the game. In reality, it is not all about economic gains for the locals that matters. A sense of place and community may still rank high up people’s (non-financial) needs. For sure a few thought and twist of the rules can accommodate this deficiency.

Here’s a short clip of the game while in play.

The game remains just that, a game. Yet it has a good potential for initiating dialogue and understanding of the issue. I’d like to real locals and developers playing out their own role in the game- and vice versa.



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